Business planning Part 1.mp4

Welcome to your first module for New Business 101. In this module you will be learning all about business planning which is the starting point for any business.

Before you do anything it is essential that you have thought things through and mapped out your business idea. We find that a lot of business owners we work with don’t even have a business plan. This leads to complications and costly mistakes that could have been avoided had a plan been in place.

Another area that causes problems for new business owners is their Director Obligations.

Becoming a business owner means you now have legal and binding responsibilities that you are accountable to. Before you jump out of the gate you need to understand what these are and what they mean for you.

Before you start please open the “Materials” tab to find:

  • Your workbook for the topic
  • The PowerPoints
  • One Page Executive Summary
  • Financial Planning Documents

If you haven’t already please ensure you have downloaded “How to write a business plan” as this is your comprehensive document to use in writing up your own business plan. Each module will have learnings you can use to tailor the business plan to your business.

Reminder: You have 4 hours one-on-one with an Engine Business Advisor so if you want advise or are stuck on a point email to book one of your sessions.